Rework to hoi4modding.com - Roadmap, features, and announcements

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Over 3 years old

HOI4Modding is over 3 years old, with the first itteration of the site being nothing more than a very basic focus tree creator.

Since then, the site has evolved to include "basic" functionality, such as saving focuses to a server; allowing for collaboration on mods, among other things. Along with more advanced updates, such as importing focus trees, and the addition of more tools; decision/idea/event/flag/country creators.

Time has not been kind!

As projects get older, and the developer behind the project gets more experienced, there is a lot of features and functionality left behind which is clunky, broken, or isn't fit for purpose anymore.

HOI4Modding is no different. The focus tree tool and country creator tool have both been updated as the first priority, due to these being the two most popular tools on the site, and also having the most issues/outdated features.

An entire site overhaul!

Every aspect of HOI4Modding is now scheduled to undergo an entire overhaul. From the login screen to tools themselves, every last thing is being rewritten from the ground up. Features that people like are staying, and being enhanced, features which are outdated are being removed, and features which people have asked for are all being considered.

The first tool that underwent this overhaul, in December 2020, was the focus tree tool, being the most popular tool on the site by almost 20% more daily users than second place. The second tool to have undergone an overhaul was the country tool, which saw its first update in over 6 months in April 2021.

What will be happening to the other tools during this period?

Any tool which isn't currently available within the reworked site, sitting on a different temporary URL (once all tools have been reworked, the rework site will move to hoi4modding.com), will be supported for bug fixes and support, even if the tool is currently being rewritten; as it may still be a few weeks before the reworked tool is available.

And if the tool has been reworked?

Once a tool is fully rewritten and available, a notice will appear here (on the hoi4modding.com main site) stating that a rework is available, and it is encouraged to move to the updated tool when available.

Will my data be lost?

Yes and no. All accounts will be transfered over to the new website (new accounts created on hoi4modding.com will be created on the new site, but not vice versa), but as the new tools are rewritten from the ground up, the decision has been made to not make the new tools compatible with the old ones. This was a difficult choice to make, however, the old tools are very rigid in how they are written, meaning when game updates happen which change functionality, they aren't as easy to update.

However, all tools will be including an import feature which will allow you to export the focus tree/country/ideas/etc. from the old tools and bring them into the new one.

What tool will be next to be rewritten, and when will it be available?

Whilst there is no 100% confirmed schedule for when the next tool(s) will be available, the current roadmap looks like this (but may vary)

  1. Main site; Forums, Account functionality, Mod/Team creation.
  2. Focus Tree tool
  3. Country tool
  4. Ideas tool
  5. Events tool
  6. Decision tool
  7. Ideology tool
  8. State Editor tool
  9. Flag tool
  10. Research tool

Where can I access this new site?

You can access the site on the Edge build of HOI4Modding.

HOI4Modding Edge