Hey fellas.

I found myself into here, and so far it would appear that this is amongst the greatest ideas on a whole area of video game modding. I've been thinking of a tool like this to help create mods for those who don't wish to spend the time and effort in modifying codes (which can be tedious work), but a visual modding such as this, man this is good.

Which brings me to my question, how come this is only a website, and not a Discord community? I believe that this tool/website could boost up a lot should there be an actual Discord community, that constantly could grow, chat, suggest things and many things more, as people are more likely to join a Discord server when advertised properly, and the bigger community, the bigger chance of getting more added to the tool (possible rising amount of Patreons and maybe more interested ppl to help creating this tool).

Do not take my word on this, but I would think that opening a Discord server would be a good idea to help boost, to make more people know about this tool.

And should you need additional help setting a Discord server up, I've set up multiple so far, and always keen to help out.