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Seek alignment with Italy

We are threatened by Italy, it is time we aligned with them to secure our safety.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"10","focus_x":"15","focus_y":"1","focus_bypass":"has_government= fascism","focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"set_country_leader_ideology= fascism","focus_prerequisite":"2855248","focus_mutually_exclusive":"2855260","focus_complete_tooltip":null,"filter":"FOCUS_FILTER_POLITICAL"}

Open Up The Political Sphere

It is time that the Albanian Nation chose a side in this dangerous world.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"10","focus_x":"14","focus_y":"0","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"add_political_power= 120","focus_prerequisite":null,"focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null,"filter":"FOCUS_FILTER_POLITICAL"}

Worker's State

It is time for the Albanian people to rise, and install a communist utopia, even if a rebellion is necessary!
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"10","focus_x":"13","focus_y":"1","focus_bypass":"has_government= communism","focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"start_civil_war= {\r\n ideology = communism\r\nsize = 0.85 \r\n}","focus_prerequisite":"2855248","focus_mutually_exclusive":"2855261","focus_complete_tooltip":null,"filter":"FOCUS_FILTER_POLITICAL"}