President Shark Steps Down!
Earlier this morning, our beloved President Shark has officially stepped down from office and retired to his estate in the countryside. This move has left many in the country wondering what is next for Sharklandia, while others have taken the opportunity to begin rallying in the streets of Rennes and Brest.
Police raid Communist Building!
Earlier this day, the Brest police have raided a communist-owned storage house. Shortly after starting the raid, 3 shots were fired from inside, killing 2 constables and 1 civilian. The remaining constables shot and killed 5 armed civilians and arrested 2 more. A copy of the Communist Manifesto was found of one of the bodies.
Communists Riot!
Shortly after the government cracked down on the Communists, riots and protests have begun to appear all around Sharklandia. The Fascists and Ultra-Nationalists are calling for the President to call a National Emergency, however this move is likely to anger the Democratic supporters, who think a peaceful solution should be found.
DarkLand Civil War
Today the Monarchist party marched on the capital of Minsk. They demanded that the king will be reinstated and that the current government step down. These demands were met with arrests of the leaders. This event caused the king to come back and fight for control of the nation.