The Danish Question
The New Nazi Regime in Germany has left many worried over the safety of their Neighbors. The Aggressive nature of Herr Adolf Hitler and his speeches have caught many eyes around the world. Their claims over their former territories and their promises to make Germany great once more is nothing to be mocked about with. The Danes are- what we think is their first target. The Question is... shall we intervene?
Invite them to the Allies
Guarantee Them
This is not our problem nor our concern.
We have been Invited to the Allies
The British Governmennt has recently stated that our country may be in danger. They state the Germans have their eye out for us and have therefor invited us into the Allies.
Thank the lord!
We don't need them.
Invitation to the Allies
The British government sent us an offer to join their faction of the Allies. Stronger together, they say. What will be our response?
We're in!
This is not our war to fight.
Unite with the British?
The British government sent us an offer to Unify our country with theirs. This, they say, will make us both stronger and a harder target for enemy forces. They have promised to let our people vote and compromise on local laws. What will we say?
We will be as one!
This is getting out of hand.
The British want to join us!
The British government who recently shifted to radical Socialist Politics wish to make it formal to the World which way they lean by joining the Comintern. How do we respond?
How about a Guarantee?
They cannot be trusted.