Russian Got the Bomb
After months of speculation, Mankind fear has come to fruition as on July 28, Radio Transmissions from Moscow has proclaimed the successful test of the country's first Atomic Bomb. It appeared that the Monopoly of Atomic energy of the International has come to a end. Many fear that this may be the start of a arms race.
God help us all
China Demands Mongolia
As if dealing with the west wasn't enough, in the east tension between our ally of Mongolia and the Qing have reached a boiling point. The Qing has made it clear that they wish to take back what ever territory is still in the bands of warlords. Many within Moscow believes the use of our military might convince Beijing to stand down. Some of the more Hawkish members of our government wishes to attack first. Alternately we could convince the Baron to cede Inner Mongolia though it is highly unlikly that Sternburg would consider that a option.
Agree to demands
convince the baron to ceede inner Mongolia
Respond with military threats
Take no chances, Launch a preemptive strike
The Baron Refuses
To no surprise, Sternberg has refused to our suggestion to hand over Inner Mongolia to the Chinese. It seems that war is inevitable at this point now
Danm it Sternburg