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Revolutionary Committee

The Revolutionary Committee was set up by a group of individuals just after the French government collapsed. They are now in charge of the provisional government
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"5","focus_x":"5","focus_y":"1","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"country_event= {\r\ndays = 1 \r\nid = socialist france.3\r\n}","focus_prerequisite":"1321729","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

War Industry

We must mobilize our industry for the civil war.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"5","focus_x":"8","focus_y":"1","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"country_event= {\r\ndays = 1 \r\nid = socialist france.2 \r\n}","focus_prerequisite":"1321729","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

The Second French Revolution

The French government has collapsed and the civil war is here. It is time for the Second French Revolution to commence. Let us pick up where our brethren in the past failed.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"3","focus_x":"5","focus_y":"0","focus_bypass":"has_country_flag= civil_war_victory","focus_available":"has_war_with= FRA","focus_reward":"army_experience= 10\r\nadd_political_power= 75","focus_prerequisite":null,"focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

Seize Railways

To efficiently move our troops around the war zone, we must make full use of the railways. The military must take full control of the railways.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"5","focus_x":"7","focus_y":"2","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"random_owned_controlled_state = {\r\n add_building_construction = {\r\n type = infrastructure\r\n level = 8\r\n instant_build = yes\r\n }\r\n}","focus_prerequisite":"1321744","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

Revolutionary Militia

We cannot win this war without our strong militia force. A lot of work has to be done until the Revolutionary Force becomes a truly formidable fighting force.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"5","focus_x":"2","focus_y":"1","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"country_event= {\r\ndays = 1 \r\nid = socialist france.1 \r\n}","focus_prerequisite":"1321729","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}

Nationalize Industries

In order to get the full potential of our industries, we must nationalize all possible factories to fully control what gets manufactured.
{"focus_relative_position":null,"external_id":null,"focus_ai_will_do_factor":"1","focus_time_to_complete":"5","focus_x":"9","focus_y":"2","focus_bypass":null,"focus_available":null,"focus_reward":"add_ideas= FRF_nationalization","focus_prerequisite":"1321744","focus_mutually_exclusive":null,"focus_complete_tooltip":null}