Canadian Colonialism
the mighty Canadian empire has secured access into the Asian continent, let us go reap what we have sewn.
Glory to Luke Bassett's guidance!
Canada Demands Greenland and Iceland
the nation of Canada demands we secede our provinces of Greenland and Iceland to them, perhaps that land is worth the price of peace?
It is worth the trade if it means we have peace in our time.
that land is danish until the last of our days.
Greenland is claimed Canadian territory
the Canadian government has spoken with the Danish people and have decided to give the notion that the territory of Greenland is property of Canada, foreign countries have mixed reactions but are generally worried this issue may escalate into conflict between the two nations.
This is worrying...
Good for them.
Emergency Elections
we need a new stronger leader. the only way to do that is to hold emergency democratic elections, the only question is: who will the people choose?
Elijah Rogers is a fervent anti-facist and conservative, let us have his guidence be glorified within the office of the canadian prime minister.
Gabriel Eves talks logic and is amazing at managing canadian recources, it is only common sense to have him lead the nation.
Canadian Fuhrer Assasinated
It has been reported that Canadian Dictator Luke Bassett has met his death at the hands of one of his bodyguards, the acting leader in command Jamie Bennett has made an official pardon of the assassin along with the following statement: "Bassett will be mourned throughout the nation and the world, but let us move on without him for the people."