Sun is Dead!
Today Sun Yat Sen was killed by an unknown assassin. In the mess the a power vacuum has opened up as KMT officials scramble for power, corruption is now on the rise, and the nation seems to be on the verge of civil war.
The Father of the Republic has Fallen
The Chinese Civil War!
Chaing has been unable to crush the the CCP and to his surprise many of Sun's followers in China have sided with the CCP against his regime. Quickly the CCP has declared a state of open revolt against Chaing. The Chinese Civil War has begun and the future of China will be decided by the victor.
For the People!
Qing Restoration
After Sun's death the Republic has fallen into Instability as members of the KMT scramble for Power over the nation. Democracy has fallen apart and as the days go on it seems the Republic is getting closer and closer to civil war. In order to prevent the collapse of order in the Republic the Military has overthrown the government, seeing the Republic as a failure the Junta has officially invited Puyi back and he is to be crowned Emperor once more. Although the nation is spared of civil war, the Chinese nation has fallen to foreign influence as Japan reasserts influence over Puyi's new Empire.
The Republic has Fallen
Chaing's Coup
Chaing Kai Shek has taken advantage of the power vacuum that has emerged and led loyal military forces to take control of the government. The new regime has begun crackdowns of the CCP and it's other political opponents labeling them all as "Communist Sympathizers".
Glory to Chaing!