Our Comrades in Morvia
Our Comrades in Morvia has asked us to join in a Communist Alliance to defeat the evil who threaten the World revolution.
Let them join
We do not need them
Morvia wants a Trade Agreement
Our Allies in Morvia wants to make an Trade Agreement, so our both Economies can prosper.
A good Idea!
Morvian Diplomats in Kart
Today new Morvian Diplomats arrived in Kart, deepening the Relation between both Nations.
Oh goodness
Morvia condems Arons Aggression
The morvian Government has today announced the aggresive Politic of Aron is a thing of the Past, something to fight.
Right they are!
Morvia wants a Alliance
Morvia wants an Defense Pact against the aronian Aggression.
Offer declinced
XXX has declined our Offer
What a waste
Our Offer is accepted!
XXX has accepted our Offer!
A wise decision
Morvia wants to renew our Friendship
Morvian Ambassadors has offered an Friendship Treaty. Our two Nations, the said, are Brother in Mind and Blood and should work as one.
Right they are!
I do not like them
Morvia pressures the Border
Morvia has issued an Ultimatum, demanding our Land. If we decline this will mean war.
Let them come
The North retreat
Acquire a Carrier
Morvia wants to buy one of our older Carriers - we have some old ones to sell.
Sell it
We will keep it
Agreement to Mutual Protection
Morvia wants to build a stronger defense against Aron and for this a Guarantee for their and our Independence. Surely we will keep Peace with such a Action?
Welcome to the Alliance of Peace!
No, they stand alone
Morvia wants to sell their Colonies
The Colonies of Morvia are a burden to them and know they want us to buy it. It will be cheap, as they are in a hurry and we can surely use a Extension of our Empire.
Buy them!
Nevermind, we have enough Problems