King Fuad I Dies!
King Fuad I had suddenly died at his palace in Cairo! He leaves behind a 16 year old son, Farouk Muhammed Ali, known for his frequent parties and loose mannerisms. Only time will tell if he is fit to rule...
A sorrowful death.
Egypt Requests a Treaty
Ambassadors from Egypt have approached us requesting a new treaty regarding their independence. In it, Britain will lose rights to occupy their land except for Sinai, and Egypt will gain control of their diplomatic affairs. How should we respond?
It will strengthen their opinion of us.
Absolutely not!
Britain and Egypt Sign Treaty
Earlier today, the governments of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Egypt have announced the new ratification of a joint treaty. In it, Britain has agreed to end occupation of Egyptian land except or Sinai, and allow Egypt to conduct its own diplomatic affairs, in exchange for a solidified alliance between Britain and Egypt. While this may have no effect internationally, the results in the Middle East could prove to be detrimental to British colonialism in the area.
What does this mean for Egypt?
Egypt Declares Independence!
In a resoundingly impactful but entirely unsurprising move early today, the Kingdom of Egypt has declared independence from Great Britain. This announcement comes with little surprise, as over the last months the Egyptian government has passed numerous reforms inching itself closer and closer to total independence. The loss of Egypt is certainly a crushing blow to the British Empire, as now the vital Suez Canal is in possibly hostile hands. It is yet to be seen if Britain will choose to retaliate. Whether war does break out, the nation of Egypt once again stands proud as an independent nation.
The Nile will flow red...