Hiroshoma Revolution
Japanese freedom fighters have stormed the Chinese administration building in downtown Hiroshima and declared the new Japanese State. Chinese forces have been crushed across the islands, and thousands of Chinese migrants have been placed in temporary containment. The leader of the revolution Kakumei Kyuseishu took power on Monday morning and has begun preparations to defend the home islands from the overwhelming Chinese forces.
The Japanese Arise
Assassination of Adolf Schicklgruber
Famous millionaire philanthropist and prominent artist Adolf Schicklgruber has been assassinated in which seems to be a direct response to his organization's 'freedom march' in Berlin earlier in the year. His car was blown up by assumed Alemandi special operatives in Paris' Grenelle district early on Tuesday morning. Millions of people across the world have hit the streets in mass protest, christening Schicklgruber as a martyr, and guaranteeing the continuation of his life's work. It is yet to be seen how his organsation, Temps de Paix will react to the news.
Loss of a great man.
Yingzhou falls to the Japanese
Japanese revolutionaries have been triumphant in taking the Shandi capital of Shitou, overpowering the small Chinese force with mass popular support in the region from Japanese immigrants.
Things are heating up in the East.
Japanese Independence!
In a great day of triumph, the Japanese people have achieved independence from their Chinese overlords. Does this signal the end of the Chinese Pacific supremacy?
Beer Hall Putsch
A putsch led by pro-separatist forces has been successfully quelled on the streets of Berlin. Two thousand revolutionaries marched on the Reichstag, only to be gunned down by our superior forces. They quickly fled like rats, but this event could act as a catalyst for future revolution. Although currently being based in Greater Andalus, our intelligence suggests the action was sponsored by Adolf Schicklgruber's 'Temps de Paix' organisation.
Request Extradition of Adolf Schicklgruber
Attempt to Assassinate Adolf Schicklgruber
Declare Martial Law
Kollam-Chinese Alliance
Today the Indian Federation - alongside its Kollami allies have announced an alliance with the Hai Dynasty.
Battle of Ancelly
Muslim "Alnaassam" and Pan-European "Temps de Paix" forces clashed today over the Garonne river in downtown Toulouse around midday yesterday. Each side took a side of the bridge, then charged into a vicious melee of which wounded 87 and killed 15. This is not the first time these two diametrically opposed groups have clashed, and it certainly won't be the last. Andali officials have made no significant action to quell the violence.
We must take action
Let them fight, weaken eachother
Andali Civil War
Alemandi Disintegration Conflict
Al-Alemand government declares war on the newly ceded states
The European Goliath Falls.
Bayern Cedes
Bayern Cedes from Al-Alemand
Disintegration of the Alemandi Commonwealth
Al-Alemand has peaceful disintegrated into 5 separate states.
At least there was no confilct
Rhenish Republic Cedes
Rhenish Republic Cedes from Al-Alemand
Article 27-A
Article 27-A is a new proposition by the Chinese Parliament that would outlaw non-Chinese practices across its empire.
Pass it!
Perhaps a bit softer to avoid some sort of revolution
Chinese Inka Revolt Over Article 27-A
Chinese South-American colonies are currently revolting over article 27-A
Chinese Inka angered by new Article 27-B
Chinese South-American colonies are holding protests in response to new Chinese Article 27-B.
The Hiroshima Revolution
Angered by our countless advances to forcefully integrate them, Japanese freedom fighters have stormed an administration building in downtown Hiroshima and declared the new Japanese State. Forces near Hiroshima are currently overwhelmed, and the fighting is currently too chaotic to be able to see what is going on.
We will break these revolutionaries!
It was bound to happen, let them cede
The Japanese Question
Seeing as how our empire is so divided, and how we have done little to provide a solution due to our assertion that we are superior, the Japanese have drifted further and further from us. Even hundreds of years ago there was tension, however, now, Japan is a disaster just waiting to happen. What shall we do?
Let us grant them some degree of freedom but keep them within our sphere of influence
It's time to cut that whole damned island loose
Reinstate the military police in Japan
Ottoman-Kollami Alliance
In this time of great unknowns and terrible dangers, the Ottoman Empire and the Kollam league have found allies in unlikely places. This action spurred by middle eastern tensions, how will the unholy Arab-Persian alliance will counter this move.
Zanjiland Coup
This morning 19,000 soldiers of the Zanj First Army led a successful coup against the fascist union leaders in the Zanj capital of Nairobi. Backed by the general staff of the Zanj military, this change of power has been the culmination of years of pro-democratic support within the populous of the African nation. However politcal analysts suspect the Arabians may retalite to this news. This change in power has significantly reduced their influence of the politics of this nation and strips Zanj of the title of Arabian puppet state.
Ottoman Annexation of Sinai
In the wake of rising tensions in the Sinai region, and the oncoming tide of Arabian and Persian influence. The Mamluk government has surrendered the Sinai peninsula to the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans will oversee the construction of a temporary provisional government in order to secure the region and prevent the onset of radicalism and violence.