Moscow accepted to negotiate
Moscow has officially accepted to negotiate with us.
Demand to gurantee us
Demand resources for land
Demand the return of small amount of Ukrainan workers
Kiev wants our protection
Kiev wants to gurantee their indepence from us.What we should do?
They will get nothing!
Kiev wants resources for land
Kiev wants to transfer resources for their country for some land.What we should do?
For their sake,last cooperation
We won't support their country!
Kiev wants the return of a small amount of Ukrainan workers
Kiev wants to return of a small amount of Ukrainan workers back to their country.What we should do?
Give them
No way!
Moscow refuses our demands
Moscow has refused our demands.What we should do?
Then it's a war
Back down
Moscow accepted our demands
Moscow accepted our demands and we will get what we wanted.
The Kenyan Revolt
The Kenyan peoples are upset about our supressive,harsh policy and the Soviet Union was send thousands of guns to support those Kenyan revolutionaries and their army against us.We can't handle this colony so we should let it go.
Let it go
Bhutan wants to propose a trade agreement
Bhutan wants to propose a trade agreement about our rubber industry.They want to buy a large amount of rubber from us and if we accept this,they will guarantee our indepence from foreign aggressors like Vietnam and a non-aggression with us.What we should do?
Accept it
We can protect our country alone!
Bhutan occupy the Maldives
Bhutanese convoys are launched to invade our colonial islands in the Indian Ocean,Maldives.We should let it go.
We can't do anything about it
How they dare!
Renew the Sino-Soviet alliance
Stalin invited us to the Kremlin to renew the Sino-Soviet alliance.The Western powers was formed NATO to counterweight the Soviet Union and us,but if we renew our old alliance with the Soviet Union,the West will be scared of our military and industrial powers!
Of course!
Mikhail Kalinin is retired and died
Mikhail Kalinin,our leader has retired on 3 June and died in the same day by the cancer. Kalinin was honoured with a major state funeral and was buried in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis.
Rest in peace
The Question of Political Prisoners
The Soviet Union's politics is threatened by counter revolutionaries,but even the leninist or marxists send to prison or executed by Stalin.We should unleash these socialist politicians.
Only the socialists
The socialists and democratics
We won't let any prisoners out!
The Soviet Union is on Palestine's side
The Soviet Union in this week was send more than 15000 gun,volunteers to Egyt and Palestine,also they officialy stand against us.Our only hope was remained is the USA.
The Soviet Union support Palestine
The Soviet Union is currently supporting Egypt and Palestine with volunteers and guns against Israel.They officialy stand with Egypt and Palestine.
The Russian Federation wants to create a co-oporating industrial faction with us and some other emerging national economies countries.A full-scale diplomatic meeting was held in Yekaterinburg.
Of course!
We don't need this
The Failed War
Israel has invaded Egypt and marched into Cairo.Palestine has already fallen.Our volunteers will be in exile and return to the Motherland.However,there still Palestine partisans to fight against Israel.
I can't belive this!
Counter Revolutionaries
There is many counter revolutionary because we was unleashed many people -except prisoners- so nationalist democratic parties was secretly formed and they wants a coup against us.Most party was formed in the Russian SFSR and Uzbek SSR.They are killed many communists and we must capture those rats!
Capture them!
The Death of Stalin
The leader of the Soviet Union,Joseph Stalin was assasinated in his own office at midnight.A traditional-marxist partisan was shot him seven times in the head.Stalin's two office door guards was helped too and they tried to hide Stalin's body,but three NKDV officers and five soldier was stormed to the office after hearing the gunshots. The three assasinaters was publicly executed.The All-Communist Party is currently in desperate to appoint a new leader to the country.
A tyrant's life has comed to an end
Russia demands Mozambique
Russia wants colonies in Africa and they demands us to handle our South-East African colonies to they control.What we should do?
This will be a future alliance!
No way!
Portugal accepted our demand
The Portugese government has accepted our demand on Mozambique.
Portugal refused our demand
Portugal refused our demand.What we should do?
It's a war
Tungsten Exchange
Russia wants to expand our tungstens business around Russia.What we should do?
Why not?
No way!
The secret purge of generals
After the fascist coup,there still some secret communist revolutianory against us.We must purge the generals to avoid another revolution in the future.
High ranking officers can't be trust
Middle ranked officers only
Some lowest ranking officers
Secret Meeting with Austria
After this war is looking a defeat against Communist Italy,we should make a deal with Austria.Like the Austrian Government said,they want South Tyrol and the Venice province and III.Victor Emanuel in charge.Mussolini will remain at the government,but the king will be the leader of the country.
We have no choice
We will win this war!
A Deal from Italy
Fascist Italy is falling back and looks like she capitulates.The leader of the Fascist Italy,Benito Mussolini has send us an offer;III.Victor Emanuel will be the leader of Italy and we will get South Tyrol and the Venice Region if we help to defeat the southern communist Italy.What we should do?
Of course!
We don't need a war
Austria refused
The Austrian Government has refused our offer.
That was our last hope...
Austria accepted
Austria accepted our offer and now they help us win the war.
The Ukrainian Crisis
In this week,one of the most valuable region of the Soviet Union,the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was proclaim their indepence from the Soviet Union.The new Ukrainian government is publicly against the communism and the Soviet Union. Soviet diplomats has been send to Kiev to negotiate about the future of the region.The Ukrainian Nationalist Party (UNP) is forming nationalist divisions and they attacked Sevastopol in Crimea and the Red Army are ready to invade Ukraine in response.
Let's see how it goes
Moscow refused to negotiate
Moscow has refused to negotiate with us.They wants our country at any cost!What we should do?
This is a war!
Russia wants to recreate the Entente
The Russian Empire is want to recreate our old alliance,the Entente.In these time anything would happen to Europe or even to the World.The German aggression is growning,but we could stop with the Russian Empire.They also wants to rule the Entente as a leader.Of course our relations with Britain will broke and probably they will being hostile to us.What we should do?
This will bring peace to the world!
This isn't gonna work
The Recreation of Entente
The French government and the Russian Empire was signed a treaty in Paris.They will recreate the Entente as the 'The New Entente' name.This is a betrayal to us!
France is a traitor!
Angola request tanks
The Angolan People's Liberation Army (APL) has requested 750 Soviet T-26 from us.Give them or not?
We'll support them
They will get nothing!
France Accepted
The French government has accepted our request and now we stand together against all odds.
France Refused
The French government has refused our offer due "this will break the French and English relations".Now we stand alone.
Dammit France!
The Recreation of Entente
Today,the French and Russian diplomats has agreed to propose a military alliance with their countries.The New Entente was borned and it's officialy stand against the United Kingdom and Germany.Britain's primeminister said this is a betrayal from France.
Referendum on North Namibia
Angola wants to demand a referendum on North Namibia.If we let them to have it,we have to handle it,but if we refused it,Angola will attack us and they have bigger army too.What we should do?
Let them to have it
No way!
Referendum on North Namibia
The referendum was accepted by the South African government and in North Namibia 59% of the people wants to join us.Our troops has already started to march into this land.
This is a historical day for Angola!
South Africa refuses
South Africa has refused our referendum on North Namibia.We will get it at any means necessary!
What a dumb move!
Soviet Union demand the Indepence of Surname
The leader of the Soviet Union,Leon Trotsky wants to release our only colony in South America,Surename.
We don't need it anyway
Set up a puppet state
We need Surename!
France refused our demand
France is refuse to give up Surename because they has Surename as the only one colony in South America.
We will crush their bourgeoisie government!
This isn't the end!
France accepted our demand
France is accepted to release Surname.
Soon the imperialism will collapse!
Angola demand the Indepence of Namibia
Angola demand an Independent Namibia from us.If we accept it,Angola and her influence will grown higher,but if we refuse it, we need to face a strong army.What we should do?
We have no choice
The Russian Empire
In this week,many Russian uprised against the communist regime.The leader of the Soviet Union,Mikhail Kalinin seems to be not a reformer or a stabil,great leader of the Soviet Union and now the people uprise against him.The rebels already captured Moscow and the heart of the Revolution,Leningrad.The NKDV retreated back to Stalingrad.
We'll see
Remilitarization of South Angola
The Angolan government has violated almost all of the points in the East London treaty and now they want to demilitarize South Angola.Of course this will lift the East London treaty.What we should do?
We don't need another war
We can fight off this weak country!
Britain is down
The British government can't do anything about the remilitarization of South Angola because the war in their homeland.
Glory to Angola!
Britain is against the remilitarization
The British government is officialy and publicly against our recently decision,the remilitarization of South Angola.They have a bigger army,airforce and navy,but they have a war in their homeland.What we should do?
Back down
We can defend our country from the imperialists!
Angola demands Congo
The Angolan Communist government is publicly against the imperialism in Africa and around the world.Now they demands our colonies in Africa.If we refuse it, we need to face a big Angolan army and Congolese resistance,but if we accept it, they will see our inability in Africa and other parties in Belgium will use this as propaganda.What we should do?
We will crush the communists!
Let them have it...for now
Angola demands Gabon
After we capitulated and we retreated to Africa, the Angolan government saw the opportunity and they send us an ultimatum,they demands Gabon.What we should do?
We can't fight on another front
We can stand against them!
France surrenders Gabon
The French government surrenders Gabon to us.Now we control this region.
Soon the French imperialism will collapse!
France decline
The French government refused our demands on Gabon.
How dare they!
We have other plans
The Gabon Question
After France surrenders Gabon to us,we need to discuss what we do in the region.Their people's fate is in your hands.
Set up a puppet state
It's our territory!
Foreign Investors rob our people
After we replaced our economy system from socialist to capitalist, we enabled the foreign investors to invest our country and buy lands and factories.The investors work our people for very small price and they sell it in their country for large price.Protesters rallied our parliament and they destroyed many products exported by the United Kingdom and France.
Crush them
Let them protest
Angolan-British Oil Agreement
The Angolan Government offers an oil agreement with us.They needs companies to exploit oil in their lands,in exchange we will gain 50% oil from their gain.Due our oil problem we should accept it.
Of course!
We have enough oil reserves
Britain Accepted
Britain accepted our propose and we now start cooperating.
Rhodesian Uprisings
We lost one of our African colony,Rhodesia fell apart due the Angolan Government was supported the Rhodesians people by weapons and they are already revolted against us.They killed 13 British Garrisson soldier.
Let it go
13 Britsh?! How dare they!
The First Election
We are able to influence the first election in our country.Who should win?
United Russia
The Trudoviks!
Central Committee Meeting
Our leader,Stalin is dead.Mikhail Kalinin has taked power,but he can't last much.We need to appoint a new successor for Kalinin.
Clearly Kruschev is the right successor
Malenkov will restore Stalin's Cult!
Mozambique Revolt
Due the Soviet pessure on Africa,we lost our colony there,Mozambique.The Soviets are sent many weapons to the Mozambican revolutionaries.Millions of Mozambican people rallied our colonial buildings there.
We can't control this territory
Russia request our help
The Russian Fascist Party request help from us to support the Holy War against communism.What we should do?
Send equipment and volunteers
We can't help them
Germany agreed to help
Germany accepted our request.
Germany refused to help
Germany refused to help us.Now we stand alone.
We don't need them
Russia demand the Restriction of Ukraine
The Russians demand our restriction due our country placement,large non-Ukrainian population,our foreign politics and our law against non-Ukrainian population.They demand us a closed economy,a disarmed country and an isolated foreign policy.They also wants Crimea to gain more superiority over the Black Sea.What we should do?
We have no choice
Ukraine is must be free!
Russia support our claims
The Russians officially support our claims in Transylvania,Vojdovina and Slovakia.The Romanians are decreasing relations with Russia and now It's seems as an opportunity to improve relations with Russia.
Toast to our new Russian friends!
Turkish-Soviet Border Crisis
The Soviet Union is constantly builded defensive fortifications in the Soviet-Turkish border.They said it was "defensive measures" against the Turks as a response due their recently border incident.The Turkish government think it was unnecessary.
The tense grows
Soviet Build Up
The Soviet Union builded many fortification system along the Turkish-Soviet border.They probably preparing for a war with us.
We should prepare too
Russia request our help
The Russians is the middle of a civilwar and they want to seek help from us.We don't want a communist Eastern Europe so we should help them and if they win the civilwar,they will be restricted by a treaty to stop their future expansion.
Send equipment
We won't support our future enemies!
Britain accepted
Britain accepted our request and we will receive 3000 British weapon and if we win the civilwar,we muss sign a treaty with Britain and France and this treaty will restrict our army and arms production.
Britain refused
Britain refused our request.Now we stand alone.
We don't need them anyway
Russia request our help
The Czar system restored in Russia though there constantly raging a civilwar.The Whites requested our help against the bolsheviks.
Send equipment to them
That is their problems
France accepted
The French government accepted our request and we will receive 4000 French weapon.
France refused
The French government refused our request.Now we stand alone.
That was our only hope
Russia demands Alaska
Although we are at war,we can't fight in Alaska or even on two or three fronts.The Russians demand Alaska due we are at war.We should accept it if we don't want to be at war with Russia.
Have fun Russia...for now
No way!
USA accepted
The United States of America accepted our demand on Alaska.
This is a historic day for Russia
USA refused
The USA refused our demand on Alaska.
Bhutan wants non-aggression pact with us
Bhutan offering a non-aggression pact with them.It seems the Bhutanese scared of the Red Army.This could be avoid a war with them,but maybe this is a trap for a suprise attack.
Yes,we don't need a war with them
They are preparing for something!
Tibet-Bhutan Non-Aggression Pact
Recently,Bhutan and Tibet signed a non-aggression pact.Our troops are withrawning from Tibet and return to the Motherland.It seems Bhutan is scared of the Red Army.
Another diplomatic success
Russian-friendly Coup
Many Russian and Russian-friendly people in our country are constantly preparing for a possible coup and they are buying arms from Russia,reported by our secret police.If we don't take actions,there will be a coup!
Guess we have no choice
Damn you,Russia!
Tibet refused
Tibet refused our offer for a non-aggression pact.
Coup in Ukraine
Our coup was successfull and now Ukraine is in the middle of a civilwar.One side the Russian-friendly Ukraine and in the other is an independent nationalist Ukraine.
Everything goes exactly as we planned
Reform our Industry
Our industry is clearly can't match other large neighboring countries like India.If we don't want to get collapse economically,we must reform our industry.
Of course!
Russia Demands our Subjugation
The Russians are demanding our subjugation to their country.If we subjugate,the Russian sphere will expand everywhere in Europe.What we should do?
We shall defend Europe from the Russians!
We have no choice
The Russian Resistance
After we conquered all of Russia,millions of Russians are killing our garissons,blowing up railways and blowing up buildings that are builded by us.What we should do?
We should release a small Russia
Maintain Occupation!
The Fate of Oppositon
After we escalated a successful proletariat coup,there are many people that rebel against us,supported by other political parties.What we should do?
Exile them!
Execute them!
The Fourth Russian Revolution
In Russia, communism is in power again;after a successful coup, the country evolved into a civilwar again. This time however,not against the Tsars,but also against the democratic and capitalist system.Before, Russia had three revolutions;the 1905., the 1917 February and the 1917 Octobery Revolution. The communists are advertising the communism in neighbouring countries.
It's 1917 all over again
Power Struggle
There is many stalinist and trotskyst politicans in our party and this is caused a power struggle.We need it to decide what we really are.
We are clearly stalinists
Leninism is the true way
Reconcile with Russia
After the Bolsheviks has been defeated, the new Russian Empire wants to reconcile with us.Voroshilov,Dimitri Ivanovski and other Russian diplomats have arrived in Budapest.Ivanovski in a speech in Budapest said; "The past is past,we can't change it.We should reconcile and not being hostile to each other because II.Nicholas.He's gone and this is a New Russia".
Russia proposed Military Cooperation
The Russian War Ministerium proposed an agreement between our army and the White Army.They wants a close military cooperation.
Of course!
An alliance with Russia?
The Russian government wants to create a military alliance with us to protect each other from any threat.This will gets us even closer to Moscow.
Yes,we need this
No,we have other plans
Austria-Hungary Accepts!
The Austro-Hungarian Government has accepted our offer.We have military parades all over Russia.
Kakoy khoroshiy den'!
Austria-Hungary Refuses
The Austro-Hungarian Government has refused our offer because "this is too irrevelant offer".
The Muslims Protest!
The Muslims in our country is not a small minority and they protest for more rights.They are mostly in Tashkent and Alma-Ata.We could suppress them,but this would upset other Muslim countries in the Middle East.
Damn them all to hell!
The Italian Cvilwar
After there was no compromise with them and the government,the Italian communists was uprised and rallied government buildings all over Italy,but most of them were in the south.They demands to enable Marxist politicans gain seats in the government,higher worker wages and better workers' conditions.Mussolini and his party immediately refused this demand, because they don't want 'marxism to rise in Italy'.The marxist and other far left-winged revolutionaries are proclaimed the New Italian Socialist Republic.They was able to organise quickly in South Italy with their followers.Now the Italian Nation is in a middle of a civilwar for the control over the country.
Let's see who will win
We haven't compromised with the marxists and now the marxist and other far left-winged revolutionaries are proclaimed the New Italian Socialist Republic in Naples!They was able to organise quickly with their followers.Some of the army and the navy joined them while we haven't prepared for the civliwar,we need to quickly organise our forces to push back the rebels in any way we can.
Crush the communists!
La Rivoluzione!
Successes of Third Five-Year Plan
The Third Five-Year Plan has recently constructed factories for civilian goods,improved farms and the roads is improved too.The country agricultural production was raised as well as civilian goods.
Third Five-Year Plan Disrupted
After we went a war against a powerful country,the Third Five-Year Plan has been disrupted due the wartime.However,we could change the plan to focus on army productions,but it will be costly.
Change the plan to focus on the military!
Dissolve the whole plan
Rename the Soviet Cities
We defeated the Soviets,but their legacy still lives on in cities' name.We need to rename the Soviet named cities.
Good idea!
Rename Leningrad
Leningrad was the beginning place of the October and Februar Revolution,also they call it 'the heart of the Revolution'.After the civilwar,the Soviet Government renamed it Leningrad,but Lenin is dead and the oppressive stalinist regime is no longer too so now it's time to decide the name of the city.
Saint Petersburg!
Remove the German spelling!
Trotsky supports World Revolution
Trotsky recently gained power in the Soviet Union,but he already officialy announced the 'International Workers' Socialist Revolution'.This could heat up the workers' in our country and maybe even a communist coup d'├ętat.Some of our ministers and the people are scared from a bloody revolution.
We can't do nothing about it