Åland Crisis
In the midst of the current war situation, Sweden demands control of the Åland islands to "Oppose the Soviet influence". How should we respond to this?
It's hopeless. Rather them than the soviets...
Spin the crisis around, we need help!
Never! They are not our masters anymore.
Birth of the Finnish-Swedish Union
Earlier today, the swedish and the finnish government signed a treaty joining the two countries into one political entity. While the union promotes both swedish and finnish cultures, only time will tell if this will end with a lasting peace in Northern Europe or conflict between the two groups.
Finland Agrees!
The finnish government has agreed to sign the treaty which formally unifies our two nations!
We are making history!
Sweden offers Union
Sweden has offered us membership in a "Nordic Union". How should we respond?
Never! They are not our masters anymore.
This is an excellent idea!