Lithuanian Problems
Lithuanian People are rebeling, they do not want to stay in our Commonwealth anymore! Of course not all of them buts its still a big parth. They are protesting all over Vilnus. Its a big problem to our sociaty and needs to be fixed right away. What should we do?
Send in Military!
Start a dialog!
Let them go!
Our action went well, only few soldiers were hurted. Leaders of Independence movments were arested. But the action did not make relations with Lithuanians better.
It still went better then we thought
We managed to get people to again belive in Commonwealth! And the leaders of independence movements... Well they got secretly arrested
We did them a favor!
End of Commonwealth
The Commenwealth collapsed... our people shall never feel so safe again and morales will surly go down. And even do they feel frustrated they think that thouse land should be a part of Poland. They want war!
This is the end of Commonwealth and people have to get over with it!
Well, if people want it
End of Commonwealth
Today the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania officaly splited into two different nations after protests in Lithuania. The whole protest went peacefull but one can easly spot that Poles are bitter and want "their" land back