Jews Rise Up!
It was only a matter of time. The constantly racist Nazi laws have finally pushed the Jewish race over the edge and caused a widespread uprising. Under names like the Zionist Alliance and Jewish Defence League, they have been resisting the German military, blowing up bridges and railways, and starting firefights with German troops.
Send in Troops to Crush them!
Invasion of Czechoslovakia
The Germans have officially broken their promise today by invading Czechoslovakia, taking the north half of the nation and dooming the south Slovaks to a life as a German puppet. This is a clear sign that Hitler cannot be trusted, and that it is not 'peace for our time' in Europe. Britain and other countries have ditched their polices of appeasement and promised to protect Poland in case of a attack.
A Great Victory!
Warzawa League
Today, the largest resistance to Nazis in Poland yet has been seen. The Warzawa League has organised a revolt across Poland. Compromising of 5,000 men, it has many satellite organisations like the Gdansk Pirates, Vistula Freedom League and Battalion Poland. What shall we do about them, sir?
We shall fight like men!
Crush them in the Shadows.
Assassinate their leaders!
Compromise of Danzing!
Germany Mobilises Against Bolshevikism
The German Reich today has announced that it will 'defend against the red filth that is the Soviet Union' and has called for the creation of a 'Anti-Soviet Korps'. It is expected that claims against the Soviet Union will follow.